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One of the very basic things that we need in life is security and as much as digital systems claim to be the best, locks and keys never really go out of fashion. They have been servicing us tirelessly for years and will continue to do so considering you find a good locksmith service provider. If you are settled in West Hartford, you are in luck because Hartford Locksmith Service is the leading locksmith in West Hartford and can take care of all your security issues. It doesn’t matter if the job at hand is complicated, we are the best West Hartford locksmith and we will get it done. Being the best comes with a lot of responsibility. So, as a trusted professional locksmith in West Hartford CT, we have certain responsibilities. Therefore we are affordable and provide a range of quality services, right from residential to automotive services. We even have a 24-hour services to tackle unexpected locksmith emergencies. So, if you need a locksmith in Hartford CT, dial 860-544-9070 today and we’ll help you bid adieu to your lock and key woes!

WHY Hartford Locksmith Service?

If you are based in West Hartford, you have definitely heard of us. This is because we have provided enviable service and at the cheapest rates. Our customers are so satisfied with our work that they refer us to their friends and family. That is how we have built trust and this amazing network of esteemed customers in the region.

We are the best locksmith in Hartford CT simply because of the range of services that we provide, from residential and commercial to automotive and emergency services; that too at an unbelievable rate. We operate all days of the week and at all hours, so just give us a call anytime if you are in need of a reliable locksmith.


All the West Hartford locksmithsthat were in business before us, charged a high fee for their services. What’s more? The kind of service that you would expect at the quoted price wasn’t being delivered. They made promises that they weren’t able to keep even if they offered a wide range of services. On observing this, we decided to build a supportive network of expert employees who would prioritize customer satisfaction and affordability above everything else. That was the mantra to our success and that’s how we became the best locksmith West Hartford CT with a range of quality services.


24×7 Emergency locksmith Service

Don’t you hate it when you get locked out or lose your key or beak your key in the car ignition, that too late at night? It is difficult to get hold of a locksmith in West Hartford that would service you at that hour and even if they do, they will charge an insane amount of fee. Don’t worry, we at Hartford Locksmith Service have got you covered. We have experienced technicians who are on the road at all times so even if you call us in the middle of the night, we will be there under an hour and we won’t even charge you extra for it!

Automotive Locksmith Services

Even the most responsible ones among us have moments when the unthinkable happens. Maybe we are hurrying to get to some place but suddenly we get locked out of the car or the key breaks in the ignition. What you need to do in such unfortunate circumstances is not panic and call us right away at 860-544-9070. Our phone lines are always accessible and our trained experts have garnered so much experience over the years that no problem is new to them. Not to mention that the range of automotive locksmith services that we offer as a trusted locksmith in Hartford CT includes lockout assistance, key cutting and even reprogramming the transponder key, making us your one-stop locksmith shop!

Residential locksmith Services

Locks and key, like all material things in the world, get damaged after a point and we need to conduct regular maintenance checks to ensure that they are in working condition; especially when it comes to the security of our own home. More than the threat from thugs, we always run the risk of getting locked out if the lock starts to malfunction without prior notice. But even if you are someone who hasn’t had the time to run a check and you find yourself in an unfortunate situation, call us at Hartford Locksmith Service. We guarantee that we will be there in a jiffy and help you get inside without damaging the lock. Not to mention that we will replace it and give you a few handy pointers as to how to avoid it next time. Apart from this, we offer key cutting, eviction locksmith service, lock rekeying, mailbox lock installation, among other standard services.

Commercial Locksmith Services

The locks used in a commercial space are very different from those used in residential sectors. They are sophisticated and require installing and setting up as per the code guidelines issued by the local authorities. This can only be done by an experienced individual as it should be. That is because an amateur might botch things up even if that isn’t his or her intention. This might result in a security breach which might further result in irrevocable damage to your company’s property. Hartford Locksmith Service is the best in the field when it comes to commercial locksmith services and will be able to guide you the best. Whether you need new locks installed or push bars installed at exits or are in need of assistance during an office lockout, you can rely on us to deliver!


Whatever your requirement may be, our range of services will be able to accommodate you. Be it a property inspection or an emergency, our employees have been doing this for years and we have got you covered. So, pick up the phone and hire us today!


From the day that this business was established, it was far from a money-minting initiative. We never took the commercial profits to be a priority. We wanted to build a network of trust between West Hartford residents and our professional locksmiths. We value our relationships with our customers the most and ensure that you receive the very best solution to your problem in the shortest amount of time. It’s this approach to the profession that makes us the best around. Hire Hartford Locksmith Service and enjoy our reliable but affordable services!


Other locksmiths in West Hartford quote sky-high prices which aren’t even worth it. We, on the other hand, not only provide the cheapest rate available but also class-apart service in the same rate! Additionally, we don’t charge extra for emergency services even if you call us to fix a lock or make you a key at an unusual hour.


The most important thing that makes a company great is the people. We have been lucky enough to have with us, on board, a team of hardworking and empathetic individuals. These people share our belief in putting the customer first and that is why we display exemplary service every time. They are also the best in the field and know their way around locks and keys better than anyone. Hartford Locksmith Service also conducts workshops every month so that our technicians can be updated about the latest developments.


Based on the rave reviews that we have received on the quickness with which we respond, we can guarantee that we are the fastest locksmith service provider in the area. Our mobile vans are fantastic and some of our professionals are always on the road, ever ready, to help you out when you need their assistance. Contact us at any given point of time on any day be it a holiday or on a weekend. We will be there in less than half an hour.


The wait is over! The best West Hartford locksmith is right around the corner. We are reliable, affordable and provide services like none other. Dial 860-544-9070 and witness the efficacy of our incredible services for yourself!


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